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Yellowstone E-Waste is the most trusted name in Montana for computer and electronics recycling! Our focus is responsibly keeping electronic waste out of Montana’s landfills. We offer professional, friendly customer service and look forward to working with you to help make the world a better place. What We Do:

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Electronic waste or E-waste is the discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronic devices which cannot be reused, recycled, resale and disposal.

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The recycled concrete is even likely to be biodegradable, because the concrete waste is attached to the wood component. The method could also be extended to recycle other types of discarded plant matter, instead of wood, or even brand-new concrete made from plants, sand, and gravel.

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DTG Recycle is the largest commercial recycler of construction and demolition, industrial and manufacturing waste in the Pacific Northwest. We strive for a zero-waste future through innovative sorting techniques and the development of products and alternative energy fuels made from recycled materials.

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1: Whole process of integrated recycling for waste PCBs. E-wastes like PCBs contain approximately 30% metals and 70% nonmetals .The printed circuit boards ...

An Experimental Study on Partial Replacement for Coarse

material, reuse of E-waste in concrete industry ... strength was achieved in the E-waste concrete compared ... resources and recycling of wastes materials. One.

Recycled polycarbonate from electronic waste and its use in

2019年3月20日 — Keywords. Polycarbonate. Recycling. Electronic waste. Gamma radiation. Cement concrete. Compressive strength ... 由 AL De la Colina Martínez 著作 · ‎2019 · ‎被引用 11 次 · ‎相關文章

Use of Electronic Waste Concrete for Road Construction

15 Jun 2020 ... Keywords: Electronic waste, Concrete pavement, Recycling,. Construction material. I. INTRODUCTION. Electronic waste is all over in today's ...

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Proper disposal of household hazardous waste and electronic waste (e-waste) is good for our environment. Many of these materials can be recycled into new ...

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Out of the total construction demolition waste, 40% is of concrete , 30% ceramics, 5% plastics, 10% wood, 5%metal, & 10% other mixtures. As reported by global insight, growth in global construction sector predicts an increase in construction spending of 4800 billion US dollars in 2013. ... The last in the list of priority recycle is possible by ...