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about 150 asphalt plants, and about five new facilities are permitted each year. Many asphalt plants are portable, so they can be moved to different locations based on needs for new highways and other construc-tion projects. Before a company can build or operate an asphalt plant, it must obtain an air quality permit and in some cases

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are employed at hot-mix asphalt facilities and paving sites; an estimated 50,000 workers are employed in asphalt roofing operations; and about 1,500 to 2,000 workers are exposed to asphalt fumes in approximately 100 roofing manufacturing plants. The exact chemical composition of asphalt depends on the chemical complexity of the original crude

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Risk and Technology Review - Asphalt Processing and Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing NESHAP: Proposed Rule Fact Sheet EPA has evaluated the risks remaining after fully implementing the 2003 National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Asphalt Processing and Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing facilities and determined that risks from this source category are acceptable.

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As asphalt plants consist of portable equipment modules, an asphalt plant may be moved and operated at numerous permitted locations depending on paving contracts. In November 1999 DAQ issued an asphalt plant permitting policy , which requires new and modified asphalt plant applications to quantify all 97 Toxic Air Pollutants (TAPs) emitted to ...

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Sep 10, 2020 — How workers are exposed Asphalt is most commonly found in: Road construction and paving · The risks Asphalt fumes can cause serious and ...

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but a few. Asphalt plant odors are not harmful. A 2001 study2 compared emissions from an asphalt plant to emissions from other common community and industrial sources. The study found that the low annual emissions from an asphalt plant are equivalent or well below many other common sources: Similar volatile organic compound (VOC) emis -

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March 22-24, 2016 | Nashville, TN | www.worldofasphalt.com. Asphalt Plant Safety: The Basics. JEREMY HOSTETLER ... Operational Hazards‐Confined Space ...

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If a plant produces 300 tonnes of asphalt per hour at 6% moisture, it will be using 1,200 litres of fuel per hour to dry the aggregate before it is heated up to the correct temperature. If the moisture content then changed from 6% to 5% without the dryer being adjusted for 1h, that would equate to 180 litres of fuel being wasted in that 60min ...

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Asphalt Fume Exposures During the Manufacture of Asphalt Roofing Products DHHS (NIOSH) Publication No. 2001-127 (August 2001) This document represents the collaborative efforts of industry, labor, and government to protect the health of workers exposed to asphalt fumes during the manufacture of asphalt roofing products.