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The Union Tool Corp. is an industrial supplier of accumulation conveyor, automatic feeder, automatic feeding, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, conveyer, conveyor belt, conveyor line, conveyor pulleys, conveyor roller.

Understanding how tires are used in asphalt | Asphalt magazine

Asphalt rubber (AR) is defined by American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) as a blend of hot paving grade asphalt cement, reclaimed tire rubber and additives in which the rubber content is at least 15 percent by weight of the liquid asphalt binder and has reacted to cause swelling of the rubber particles.

10K feeder - fiber feeder for Reinforced Asphalt Pavement - YouTube

28 Jul 2015 ... 10K• Automated dispenser system for introduction of FORTA-FI• Hi Tech feeder model 4K also available (Compare 4K to 10K)• Dispenser of ...

Pump Vanes & Rotor Blades - Franklin Fibre

Lamitex® PK-100 Lamitex® PK-100 is a 100% aramid fibre composite fabric bonded with a high-temperature phenolic resin. It has higher mechanical strength than PK-50 at elevated temperatures and PK-100 has the best coefficient of thermal expansion available in the industry.

Industrial Feeders - Manufacturers of Industrial Feeders and

An ISO 9001:2000 certified organization, we manufacture and export Industrial Feeders, Heavy Duty Feeder, Pneumatic Feeder, Servo Feeder, Gripper Feeder, Strip Straightener and De-Coiler & Re- Coiler. We also offer services like installation, operational training, trouble shooting and maintenance.

Designing and Constructing SMA Mixtures - Illinois Asphalt

with a gap-graded aggregate coupled with fiber and/or polymer-modified, high asphalt ... Design at an asphalt content of at least 6 percent and air void content of 4 percent, for most ... Maintain close control of plant stockpiles and cold feed,.

Liquid Feeders – Coperion

Coperion K-Tron liquid loss-in-weight feeders are available in modular configurations, making it easy to configure the right feeder for your application. All components are mounted and wired on a skid at the factory, making installation on site quick and easy.

400 Asphalt Pavements 08 - Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

in each storage tank or in the asphalt binder feed lines connecting the plant ... air voids (AV), voids-in-mineral aggregate (VMA), density, and gradation. ... For batch plants, add the fiber to the aggregate in the weigh hopper or as the Engineer.

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Malco Products continues to stay open during the Covid-19 crisis. Malco continues to adhere to mandatory mask wearing, social distancing, and other strict guidelines to keep our business safe for the continued support of our many customers. You have our ...

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